20 Things To Do To Help Your Home Show Better

* Front of house - paint, fix or wash railings, steps, walks, screens and/or front door.
* Lawns & yard - remove clutter, cut grass, edge walks, trim hedges, weed gardens.
* Other exterior - side or back door, gutters, wash windows.
* Garage - straighten up, paint, fix or wash doors and windows.
* Plumbing - repair dripping faucets, leaky toilets. Re-caulk all fixtures.
* Heating / cooling - clean exterior of units / replace filters?
* Lights - replace all burned out bulbs, faulty switches.
* Halls & stairs - remove any clutter to give a wide appearance.
* Hardware - oil hinges, tighten door knobs, faucets.
* General condition - dust, wash, paint, fix defects as required.
* Consider a "feeling of spaciousness" - store unneeded items to "enlarge" room size.
* Ever been inside a model home & seen the open & spacious feeling?

* Kitchen - stove, refrigerator, and sinks should be spotless, work space clear
* Bathrooms - neat, spotless and
fresh! Repair broken caulk around tub & showers.
* Closets - clean, and un crowded. Overcrowded closets indicate inadequate space.

* Children, pets & adults WILL keep buyers from feeling at ease while they look at your
   home. When agents show your home, PLEASE be outside if possible.
* Which rooms benefit from sunshine or cooling breezes?
* What do you like about the house, the yard, the location & neighborhood too?
* Turn on all lights for the entire showing - ask the agents to turn them off.
* Open drapes & blinds in the daytime, close them at night - except for city views!
* Strong cooking, smoking or pet odors can ruin a sale! Make sure your home is fresh
and nice…with no odors at all!

I have other tips to help your home show better...don't hesitate to email me at rod@rodusa.com or call me directly at: 435-668-7885.  Service to you, is important to me!