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About  Rod

When you buy or sell a home, you make

one of the most important decisions of

your life.  Why trust that decision to your

cousin, neighbor, or just anyone with

a real estate license??
Choose a real estate Broker...
Choose an Expert...Choose Rod

Experience Really Does Make A Difference With Your Broker!

Rod has over 26 years experience in the real estate industry both as a Realtor, and a licensed Broker.  He has held Broker's
licenses in California & Utah.  Rod learned the real estate and property management business in California over much of his career.
During these years Rod managed properties for many clients and investors.  Early in 2001, Rod was invited to join & become
one of the shareholder / owners of Regency Real Estate, which was a 33 agent / shareholder office in southern Orange County, CA. 
Formed in 1995, Regency at the time was a “unique” concept in real estate... an office consisting of 33 agents who were the sole
equal Broker / Owners and shareholders of their own company.  Becoming a shareholder / owner at Regency was by
“invitation only” to agents with high real estate sales, and a solid reputation for honesty, integrity, and longevity in real
estate.  In 2004, Rod was elected to serve on the Board Of Directors at Regency.  Knowing that he would at some point be
relocating to Saint George, Rod obtained his Broker’s license in Utah that year.  During his term on the Board of Directors,
Rod worked selling property in both markets until his Board of Directors term at Regency was done.  Soon after, Rod sold
his share of stock back to Regency, and made the exciting transition to southern Utah.

It was while working in Saint George during those early years that both Rod heard many troubling stories with regards
to local property management companies.  After speaking with many people both inside and outside of real estate, Rod
found that the reputation for SERVICE and HONESTY in the property management business was lacking in the
Washington County area.  While working with owners of properties, they heard about problems with poor service,
lack of attention, and in some cases, dishonesty with regards to rentals and the management of properties.
The only way to resolve these issues would be to start his own property management company – so he did.
Utah law does not allow a Broker to manage property independently AND work for another company, so they elected to
start their own firm and focus attention to the service side of the management business, which owners seem to want and
were not receiving.
With a combined 30 years property management and real estate experience, Rod works strictly the real estate side of
Lynx Properties, and Joyce works as Property Manager.  Each aspect of the business is separate and independent
of the other, and one of our policies is that, we do not solicit clients from other Realtors who refer their management business
to Lynx.  If an agent sends us a client for management – when that client wants to sell the property – they are referred
BACK to that agent to sell the property...something other management companies in the area are not doing.  We feel
these clients when they sell their home, belong to the agents that referred them to us for management only.
Our mission is to provide the BEST level of service to the people of Washington County with a professional property
management company, using the best resources available which includes state-of-the-art computer management software.

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