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About  Rod

Anytime you sell your home, it can be a stressful experience - UNLESS you have a top Broker!
Whether you are selling & leaving the area, moving to a larger home, relocating to the area, or simply
downsizing, be sure you have a Broker who knows your wants and understands your needs!

Rod  Ohlwiler

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Rod Can SELL Your House!

Why Work With ROD?

1.  Knowledge...selling real estate for over 25 years, my extensive knowledge of the housing market can get you "top dollar" whether in a good OR bad market!

2.  Neighborhood Marketing.  My "Result's Oriented" marketing program has proven steps to get your home sold - in the fastest possible time, with the fewest problems!  My team "blankets" your area about YOUR home, to insure everyone knows it's being "top dollar" marketed!!

3.  Extensive Advertising.  I use all "high tech" marketing to expose your home!  Also, marketing on my "custom" website generates calls from buyers looking for homes like YOURS!  Personal attention is given to every call!

4.  Unique Marketing.  I utilize the latest techniques to sell YOUR home.  My "Auto Systems" are marketed to top agents.  My websites have been on the Internet for over 13 years,  I have compiled literally hundreds of e-mail addresses of agents to send YOUR home info to!!  Most agents still do not even use email!!  No other agent has such an extensive e-mail list!  I was the one of the FIRST agents to use digital cameras, and also post digital pictures of my homes directly on my website!  Check my website...have you run across any other agent's site that is more complete, or helpful??

5.  Staging Your House.  I have helped hundreds of home sellers "get record prices" by letting them in on the "tricks of the trade" and those "hidden secrets" that can get YOU top dollar!  I have "Qwik Tips"  from respected interior designers which can give your home that "buy me" look!!  I also have a quick 8 minute video,  designed to give YOUR house "that model home look," which in turn helps YOU get "top price!"

6.  Integrity.  For over 25 years, I have helped hundreds of people sell, buy or invest in homes.  I have been asked to lead "marketing teams" at my former companies.  In addition, I have  trained other agents in using marketing techniques as well as taught them 'how' to market and use computers & technology to assist their sellers, and achieve results.

7.  Builder Expertise.  I have sold homes for such NATIONAL BUILDERS as S&S, Barratt American, banks, trust companies, and other REO sources.  This experience can help YOU achieve "record price" for YOUR home, my skills were recognized by many builders in my ability to "get homes sold."

8.  Hidden Secrets Revealed!!  Ask me about "hidden secrets most agents won't tell you" when I list your home!  I tell YOU everything you need to do to get "top dollar" for your house!  "Do Open Houses Really Work?  What about "Broker Previews? Advertising?"  Most agents tell you what you "want" to hear, rather than being honest with you and telling you what you "need" to hear in order to get your home SOLD for the highest price, in the least amount of time.

9.  "Top Dollar" Negotiating.  With almost 20 years experience, I know what it takes to get YOU the "top price" YOU want.  Long after YOU move, I remain in the area and my reputation is at stake!! I want to insure that YOU are protected and get "top price" for your home.  Most within our real estate community know me as a tough, but fair Broker.

10.  Buyer Marketing.  I have an extensive data base of buyers looking for homes.  Add to this, my extensive marketing, sign calls, media exposure, past client lists - and I can many times match my buyer to YOUR home!  I also sponsor activities that "reach out" to capture buyers from other areas, Relocation clients, etc.  This brings the "top dollar" marketing into perspective when you need to sell YOUR home!!

11.  Real Estate BROKER.  Being a real estate Broker means I can offer you things that real estate agents cannot!  For management services.  Most agents must send you to a 3rd party to manage your home...I am able to provide this service directly!  I have the ability to handle "every aspect" of a home sale...instant decisions regarding commissions, paperwork approvals, etc.  Most agents have to get a broker's approval to make important decisions!

12.  100% Guaranteed.  I put my "money where my mouth is!"  I offer guarantees on the way I work.  From "Free" escrow costs, receiving your marketing flyers FAST, or seeing  that your phone calls are returned promptly, or to my "Fast Sale Guarantee."  YOU can be assured that when you work with me, you receive "top dollar" service...or you get your money back!  How many agents will give you a guarantee on the way they work?

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